Sunday, 27 November 2011


Power of Making at the V&A is amazing.

Thats all that needs saying really, I thought it was incredible.

It was packed with the most amazing objects and pieces that artists had made. Their imagination is incredible. What they think of creating, its just beatuiful. the craftmanship in some of the pieces are incredible. I was taken away by some of the pieces. Peter Butcher has created an embroidered surgical implant, as its easy to fit and more comfortable for the patients. It is the most intricate piece I have seen in a long time, just for surgery. Its made using machine emboridery, it was incredible.
Sarah Jane Willliams makes handmade lugage but it is beautiful, the time and cxare gone into her pieces is incredible. They are brief cases and suitcases but made in different shapes, some 90degree angles and curves they are incredible.

Sarah Jane Williams suitcase

Case by Sarah Jane Williams. It is a thing of beauty!

 This image below is of a hand cut christmas card by Thomas Heatherwick. Again I think its beatuiful, the care thats gone into it is amazing and it looks really fragile which I think is intriging in the piece. It folds out to be a snowflake which is amazing! He does a new one every year so I wonder what this years will be?

This image below is of a dress which is made by Thorurin Arnadottir, its called 'QR U?'. Its a dress made up of those scan barcodes you see around nowadays. Its amazing if you used your phone to scan the dress then you found out about it. Its all beaded, which is just amazing! WOW. I loved it!!!!

This exihibtion is incredible, I havent done it justice here, it is packed full of increible pieces and inspiration form all around the world which is amazing. It is worth going to see it, I promise you, you will not be disapointed. Its free also so you have no excuse for not going! GO GO GO GO and ENJOY

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