Wednesday, 21 December 2011


So I haven't told you yet that my new project is based around my Grandparents stamp collections that they collected when they were little children. They are fascinating I pour through them all the time and discover something new every time. My friends laugh at me espically Kaly Aluvihare, who follows my blog check her blog out please its very good!!! Checky plug for you their Big K!!!
Anyway I've been doing work on my new project this afternoon, I have done work on it during the last two weeks of term like doing, making 3D pieces based on the images from the stamps which fascinate me the most the images on the stamps as they give me information to draw from which allows my graphic drawing to come through! woo! This afternoon I have done some more drawing and working on my colour palette which is very difficult as I have three stamp books and hundreds of stamps and finding the colours which fascinate me the most is really hard!!! But I've had a nice afternoon just painting and drawing.
However a fact I found out just now whilst trying to find some other peoples stamp collections to look at, which is very hard by the way, is that stamp collections are called Philatelists, funny word isn't it, I can't even pronounce it correctly! But I enjoy the word I have to say!
Anyway thats the only reason I blogged this evening to tell you that fact. But it turned into a nice little blog post in the end!
MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone, have a lovely christmas day if I don't post before then!