Sunday, 27 November 2011


I know I've been really bad about blogging for stitch but I've been doing loads of work for it that I havent had time for blogging! SORRY!
So after the first day of technique information day I went fabric shopping and I got two different sheer blues, a purple pink, and a cream for a bas fabric. Shepards Bush is amazing for fabric!
Wednesday was our proper day of being able to use the Bernina sewing machines. They are really good machines, when you get used to it they are great!
I was focusing on trying out the CUT WORK technique for my drawings. I used the sheer fabric so I stiffened it with bonda web so that it wouldnt fray when cutting it but it didnt work it still frayed but its alright! I like the look, I think it will give me alot to be able to work with over the next two weeks, its a very open technique!

You can see below that the fabric was fraying, not to badly but it was fraying! I really like the technique though its wide and will allow me to do alot, its not limited!

These photos below are my tryouts of having an embrodiery thread as the bobin. I think it woks well, its gives it a really strong line which is nice. I couldnt get the tension correct though. So some of the lines are taught, but its a good start I think. The colours I like.

You can see the line is thicker then normal coz thats the emboridery thread as the bobin. Its a lovely line I really enjoy it! YAY

This one below is one of my favourites as the white line agaisnt the blue is really bold and stands out which is great. Its showing my drawings well!

You can see though in the photos that the tension is right, it didnt want to work properlly which wasnt the best but what can you do?!

I also had a go at disovlable fabric with the embroidery thread as the bobin and this worked well also! Its a nice line and it looks quite clean. I really like it, I wish I hadnt run out of thread as I'd of liked it to be a bit bigger, a lareger piece, but I do like this.

Today was a good experiment into different ideas that I can have a go on in the next few weeks! I enjoyed today. We have tutorials tomorrow is Isabel and she will tell me if I'm going in the right direction!
I'm enjoying stitch so far! YAY

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