Sunday, 27 November 2011


Second tutorial with Isabel and it was a constructive one again.
She said that the graphoc feel in my drawings needs to come into my drawings a bit more.
I should also keep it simple, dont over complicate things. This is what I was doing with the wadding piece, the yellow cut work piece and the blue plastic cut work piece, layering them on top of each other, was over doing it. NO NO  NO.
Another thing Isabel said was that I should maybe place little pieces of colour beind some of the cut work pieces, to have a contrast to the stitch work. This I can see will be a good idea, and will work well.
Maybe make patterens with my drawings, have three in a row and other patteren ways.
She didnt like the purple, YUCK, which I can see actually I dont like it anymore, it is a bit of a vile colour. She wanted more of the red plastic, much better.
An idea was to get some calico and stitch a black line, and place some colour behind in some areas, like a green?
Keep the size A5 and maybe smaller.

It was good I'm pleased with how this project seems to be going! YAY

So I had a go at these things suggested above. See the photos below!

This piece below is one of my favourites, I like the colour and this allows the image to be shown really clearly. I tired putting little pieces of red behind parts of the bunnies and this has ben really succesful I think, it adds another dimension to the piece and this works really well I think. It quite a flat piece, but with the red it becomes 3D. I'm really pleased. The photography of all these image below I personally think is rather strong! Wooooooo

Below is the image of my cut work on fabric and plastic which I was going to layer on another piece of work, but didnt and they actually look really good together and I'm happy!!! The colours work well and together they have a good texture and depth so I'm not complaining.

This piece below is of honey pots, which I've stitched onto calico with a blue thread. I then filled in some parts with a yellow thread, which works well. I then cut around the middles of the pots for the cut work element. Due to the heaviness of the yellow stitch the fabric flapped and has fallen around the place, its neat and it place, and I like this element. Its a nice piece, its danity and almost elegant in some ways.

Last one of my four final pieces, and its on calico with a black stitch line. Its of donkeys on wheels, but it creates a nice pattern, which is what I'm after. The black line is really effective, its powerful and bold, like my drawings. I then added some green pieces of plastic under some of the donkeys heads, ( john lewis bag stripes!) this is really effective and I love it. I'm really pleased with this outcome!!

So above are my FOUR FINAL PIECES for stitch, and I'm really pleased. I've worked really hard and developed my ideas along the way. Gone down some paths, realised they are'nt the right paths, turned around and gone down another one, which has worked out for me! I've loved stitch.
We saw the 2nd Years show on thrusday and I was incredible, the work they are had done, the fact that everything is so different, but there are so many different aspects that you can do different areas. In stitch its so diverese which I like, it would give you so much to do, but then is that scary that theres so much that you can do? To much?
Anyway I have loved, and I just needed a little more time to do some more things!!!


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