Tuesday, 15 November 2011


First day of stitch and it looks HARD core, but it also looks brilliant! I loved yesterday it was fantastic. Yes we were only sitting around a table and talking about techniques and ways of entering stitch for the first time, but it has got me excited for the next two weeks to come! Today went around the group looking at our pop-up project work and talking about different techniques to create the drawings into fabric pieces! Working on the sewing machine using the iron, bonda web and other ideas!
When Isobelle came around to me she said my drawings, (of the little mice on the teacups) were very graphic like, with the bold lines, but she told me to work on the sewing machine with the emboderiy foot, drawing my images this way. She told me to do CUT WORK, were you sew the image, but have a piece of different fabric underneath, then cut the top fabric out and you can see the bottom fabric coming through. This is a very large technique which will give me loads of scope. Another technique she showed me was to put a embordiery thread as the bobin and this gives you a thicker line when sewing. When doing this you are working on the reverse, as its the bobin thread that you want to see! She said I should look at my mini minture drawings, and maybe take parts of those so they dont look like drawings, but new patterens! I'm really excited, I think it will be really good and I just want to start!!! YAY!!!
Fabric shopping tomorrow, going to Goldhawk Road to A One Fabrics, should be good, I've never been there before!!! Looking forward to it!
Below are photos of the sample techniques she did to show me, to do and make my own from!!!!

Below on the left handside is a sample of CUT WORK. You can see the blue fabric is the one she had underneath.

Below is a sample of having the embordiery thread as the bobin, you get a thicker line, this I'm really looking forward to having a go at!!!

Cant wait for wednesday to have a go at these techniques on the machines!!!!!


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