Tuesday, 15 November 2011


Yesterday I went along the the exhibition shown at the Royal Acadmey, 'Degas and the Ballet'. It was amazing, I loved it the colours were incredible. His use of materials, the chalk I thought was beautiful. It was stunning really was, the way they layed it out showed his work in a brilliant light, we went to a private viewing of it with my Dads company, so there was lots of peolpe enjoying the exhibit which gave a fantastic atmosphere which is necessary to make it work. I thought it was fantasic.
Degas showed his passion for movement in the figure through drawing ballet dancers, which is really amazing. I cant express enough how much I loved it. He did sculptures of ballet dancers doing arabesques, as these showed movement very well, they were his favourite ballet move. Even though the sculptures are still and a block piece they showed movement very well, as a three piece of art, together they showed movement, which was great.
In the exhibtion there was work by scientist Marey and photographer Muybridge, which actually showed movement in the human figure. These worked very well againsnt Degas still drawings.
My favourite of Degas was the Russian dancers I thought they had the most character in them, they colours were bold and bright and they just seemed to have attiutude and passion in them. I thought they were the best. He seemed to capture the movement well in them.

Below is a photo I have taken of a postcard I bought, as it was my favourite. Its 'Russian Dancers' 1899. They just look really cheerfull and happy, they colours are grand and the shapes hes made to show the movement I think work really well!

'Dancers' 1899. The movement and colours I love here. I took this picture and the others below off the royal academy's website.

'Three Dancers (Blue Skirts, Red Bodices)' 1903. Again the colour is beatuiful!

This one below is titled 'La Danse Grecque (Dancing Ballerinas)', 1885-90. The colour is slightly darker here, but I still like it!

I have taken this photo of a postcard I bought. Its off 'Three Dancers, Landscape Scenery' 1895-98. This one is another favourite of mine, I love story told in this painting, its beautiful.

Again I have taken this photo of a postcard and its titled 'The Red Ballet Skirts' 1895-1901. The colour here is so bold and beautiful its lovely!

From these photos I have you have the same excitment and joy from Degas drawings and paintings. Please do go and have a look at the exhibition its incredible!!! I enjoyed it so much, I could go again!!!

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  1. Liv - Really enjoyed the show - I also liked the Russians and also some of the charcoal sketches . I look forward to the next one we can go to . Dad x