Sunday, 27 November 2011

STITCH, DAY3 (and a weekend)

Tutorial day. It went well, Isabel liked my progress and my start in exploring cut work.
She said that I should maybe explore a contemporary feel to my work by using plastic in my cut work, layering fabrics to see the layers underneath through the cut work.
Maybe also try different colours not just the blues, a red, yellow.
Try a red plastic bag.
Another idea she had was quiliting, maybe get a 3D effect from this, it would give me  a line to work with. Maybe also as my drawings are in squares to quilt them together?
Isabel also said as I have done some illustrive drawings I could do a whole piece like that, or so sections in patterens I create.
Last idea was to try some bigger disovelable fabric pieces.

All in all it was a very postive tutorial with lots of new ideas to try out! I was very excited about this prospect! Wooooooooooooooooo

So I had a go at almost everything she said to me, and I really enjoyed myself!

Below is a picture of my go at layering fabrics. I stitched three fabrics together, then I cut through the fabric to show the different colours. This I think is quite succesful, the colours work well together and work well being shown all together. I also had a go at embordiring onto this piece, I like the colours but I dont think it works on the piece really. They almost look out of place slightly.

The photo below is me trying to layer the fabric more. I sewed three pieces of fabric together, but then I cut it into three rectangle pieces, and these I did cut work into, and then I layered them together. So there are nice pieces of fabric all together, which I think works really well! It gives it a really nice 3D texture! Granted the photo quality isnt the best.

I tired it also on a bigger scale, but with an actually drawing behind it. There is a little mouse behind the cut work I have layered on top. This is successful I think as it breaks up the image and I like this, disstorting the image, not really know what you are seeing.

I had another go at disoveable fabric, this one didnt work as well, but I think its becasue the forst one was succesful that this one not so much. Again I couldnt get the tension to do what it should be doing. It looks slightly messy, with the fabric underneath it just doesnt look good. I'm not sure. The colours I dont think are correct either.

I started this piece below and didnt finish it. I had a go at useing the wadding on top of a piece I was working on, to give depth but on top of the piece instead of underneath like the other pieces I've been doing. I'm not to keen on this one either the colour doesnt work, it needs the yellow, it was going to have yellow layered on top, but I didnt finish it before my next tutorial when everything changed then anyway.

I like this photo below with the stitching behind it. I also like the one below this also.

Below is a piece which I was going to layer on top of the piece above. Its a huge (well not huge, but slightly large) piece of cut work which I sewed on the machince then partially cut into. I think its beatuiful and it works rather well. The yellow and the blue compliment each other really well! The shaping I really enjoy also, its just a really nice piece if I dont mind trumping my own trumpet! I havent layered it on the above piece as Isabel said I didnt need to, it spoke its own lanuage on its own. So I'm happy!

The piece below is of a blue plastic which I've sewn into, I had to put it between disovelable fabric as it wouldnt stitch on its own, silly thing! I sewed little bunnies on it. Again this piece with the above piece was to be layered onto the piece with the wadding. I'm pleased I havent done this as they are good on their own. Isabel said to try them with a little section of colour underneath certain parts and I've tired this below with the red, I didnt sew them on, but it looks nice placed on. 
I have actually layered both the yellow and the blue pieces together, the blue under the yellow and this works well. The textures also of the fabric and the plastic again work well! I'm pleased with the outcomes!

So this is what I was doing over the weekend and monday. I had a tutorial on the tuesday and some things changed in this tutorial also, which is good. I'm all about constructive critism, its the thing that gets you far its very important!!!!
My next post will tell you all about my tutorial, the suspense is going to kill you, dun dun dun!!!!!!!

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