Wednesday, 9 November 2011


Week two of my knitting rotation and more techniques!!!! First things first CABLE. Tricky task I have to say but its alright, got my head around it eventually so its alright. You have to use two transferr tools. Pick up a thread one the right transferr tool and the same on the left tool. Then take the right tool and put the stitch on the left kneedle, then take the left tool and put the stitch on the right kneedle. Then do four rows of knitting then repeat the process and you get cable! Its an alright technique!

Below is a picture of my REVERSE knitting. Here you knit some rows, then you knit some more rows in the different colour, then take that off, then rehook the knitting back on, but turn it round, so you reverse the knitting. You hook it back on where your first colour meets the colour you added. Its tricky, took me a long time to get my head around it, but i'm alright now I think!!

Then we learnt SHAPING. You start with three kneedles threaded, knit three, then like lace holes take the stitch on both sides, and move it to the kneedle on either side to make to wider. You continue this for as long you want, then to make it smaller you decrease by taking the outside stitch inside on both sides it sounds complicated but its actually not! See below, its not the best leave shape but its a start!

Then I made a piece including all these techniques, reversing the sticth, rouching, and holding the stitches, its alright, its looks a tad like a lady I think but its okay!

Then we leant how to use a PUNCH-CARD. This is used to create patterens you see on jumpers, a fairisle patteren and things. You put the card in the top of the machince and thread up with two threads then knit. The card had holes on it which allow you to knit and a pattern is formed with the holes on the card. Its a good process! I have done three, my favourite is the christmas tree one!!

Then we learnt HOOKING ON FABRIC. This is really easy I have done it below with a sheer fabric so I added lace holes underneath so you could see them coming through! You knit a row and then just punch the fabric onto the kneedle and then knit another row to hold the fabric onto it!!

This is more revesring knitting, I wanted to have another go. I have added lace holes also which I think works really well! I also have added some leaves on the top for decoration which I really like, I have sewn beads onto it also!!!

Below is a picture of my TUCK technique, which is the same as the fairisle pattern, you have the punch card, but you just use one thread not two. It hasnt really worked I dont think. I'm not sure there is much of a pattern? Oh well!!!

Below is a little thing I have done which is a picot edge and some rocuhing the fabric together! Its just a little sample, but I like it!!!

So there you go lots of knitting samples! I really like the knitting process its great fun! On thrusday we are shown how to press the fabric so it doesnt curl at the edges which will be good! We are almost mounting our work!!
We were shown casting off today but I cant do it so I gave up, SORRY!!!

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