Tuesday, 24 January 2012


Second day of weave and I'm really enjoying it! This morning I just had a go at trying out different techniques and styles again, just trying to get the hang of it all! It took a little while but then I got into the swing of it again, its good! I only did one weave this today as the other group was on the looms this afternoon. Below are pictures of it!

The patterens I did today were Triangular Granite (the mustard), Common Twill (the red) and Entwining Twill (the blue). I was trying to make them look like stamps, with an old feel and the scalloped edges that stamps have, it kinda worked.

I had a tutorial with Helen today and she gave me some ideas for this project on the looms, she said maybe draw on the warp some of the franking stamps that are on the stamps in my grannies collection. This I thought a really good idea, if I draw on the warp in a thick black line, then weave on top it could have a really good effect.
She also said if I were to scan in the images of some of the stamps, and zoom in on them I will get a better view of the patterens on the edges of the stamps and I could maybe try some of these out in the small hand weave samples. This sounds really good I cant wait.
I need to finalize my colour pallette also, but I'm going to see what yarns are in the yarn store tomorrow in our induction, hopefully this will help me!

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