Monday, 23 January 2012


So after alot of thought about this swatch book project I have finally started it. Took me a while to start thinking about what swatches I wanted to put in it and how I was going to display them. It sounds pathetic now, but I've stapled them into a little sketch book, to keep them safe and in a similiar way of presenting. The first swatches I have put in are from my work experinece I did over the summer last year, I worked for Jacqui Gilmartin who is a digital printer, I helped steam the prints, wash them in about 5 different ways, but I also made swatch books for her in the many different materials she prints in. So I had scraps from doing this and I have put them in the begining of my swatch book. They are plain white as they would then be printed onto. They are in weight order like I had to put them in for the swatch books for Jacqui, the Silk samples go first then the Cotton ones.
Then in my swatch book I have started to put different fabrics in which I have collected or manipulated myself over the years. There is no patteren for this just stapled them in.

This is an on going project swatch book, so I'll keep updating this post page with more details on my swatch book.

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