Sunday, 15 January 2012

block 3- PRINT

So had a lovely christmas and a new year and now am back in LONDON and straight back to the good stuff! PRINT!!! I went in the first group and had a day full of CAD (photoshop) learning all the tricks and trades of how to create interesting prints. I struggled at first but after a whole day of trying to crack it I was doing alright but then it came to the end of the end and I was juts praying that I wouldnt forget everything by Wednesday my next day in the CAD workshop!
Luckily I hadnt! Wednesday was mcuh better because we were able to work on our actual prints rather then learn more about photoshop, just get on with it! We had to scan in our drawings and I also scanned in some of the stamps to add some colour to my work and show what I'm interested in and my project more. So I was playing around with imagery and scale, and remebering all the tools we learnt on monday, and I actually did some good work! I was pleased with myself! We have to do 4-6 designs, so far I've got in motion 4!
I went back to the photoshop studio friday afternoon and did some more work, I've got quite a bit more to do though, because I'm slow on photoshop so it takes me longer then everyone, but I dont mind!
Then me being a good student I thought I'd go in on Saturday and go to the library and do my photoshop work there so I walked in and 10mins from college I realised I forgot my memory stick so I couldnt do any! Annoyed much!!!! But I still have this week to finsih them in my lunch hour and I can go next saturday in stead!!! YAY. So thats the CAD side of print. I think I could get into it, its a good process and I thought I'd find it irrating and to time consuming as I did when I was 14, but I liked it! Dont mind giveing it ago at all!!! Which is a really good time I'm happy!!!

So the actual PRINT side this week we had to draw 6 prints based on our project, mine is stamps! So I have been doing my linear drawings of parts of the stamps. I really like working with the stamps as there is so much information on them there is loads to draw its great!! This doesnt get boring either as I love drawing which is great also!! wooo!! I have been adding pattern and texture in parts of the drawings so the prints next week when we expose them onto the fabric have more detail! The only thing I'm worried about is that they are too detailed and might merge into one maybe? You might not able to see all the detail I have done and there is quite abit!! But you can see what I mean with the photos below!!

Design ONE

Design TWO

Design THREE

Design FOUR

Design FIVE

Design SIX

So those are my six deigns for week two of print. I like them all really so I dont mind which one is chosen to be exposed, but you can see my concern of the line thickness and the detail, I'm hoping it will be okay! Fingers crossed! I've really enjoyed doing the drawing side though, its been great!!!
I think my designs look abit liek the work of Grayson Perry, the composition of my drawings are like his, fully loaded, but its a nice effect having it busy, I think anyway! His look different to mine as his have colour, mine have to be black and white for the exposing next week. If I was doing them for a different reason I'd put block colour in like he has, as its stricking like the bold print is and this works well. 
Below is an image of his I found from the British Museum website as he has an exhibtion on right now, which I plan to go and visit this week after college.

This week had been really interestin and I have enjoyed it much more then I thought I would have done, so I cant wait for next week to get more hands on!!

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