Sunday, 29 January 2012

Lecture- Exoticism in Design

Orientalism in Fashion             25.1.11

There are two types of orientalism, the first is the use of orientation patterens and the second is the culture cuts. In 1842 we, britain, defeats china in the opium war.
Vincent Van Gogh has the influence of Japanse art in his work, his self portrait with the bandage around his head in 1889 had  Japanese print in the background. He said 'All my work is founded on Japanse Art..... Japanese art decadent in its own country, takes root again among the French Impressionist artists', Gogh 1887, he wrote this in a letter. He is saying Japanese know how to do there own art, the French can do it better.
In the 1800's europeans saw middle eatern cultures as defined ny Orientalism.
'Orientalism is not a picture of the East or the Easts. It represents longing, option and faraway perfection', Richard Martin, 1995.

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