Monday, 23 January 2012


First day of weave today and I was a bit apprehensive about it, only because the work I have seen from other peolpe is really intricate and they made it sound really tricky and fiddlely and I struggle in that department. However I found that I really enjoyed it actually, was really good, its a new skill which I have learnt and I'm pleased about that! Its a slow process but I found the time went quickly so it didnt bother me!
We learnt how to get patterens, by following a graph of dark and light squares, and those match up with the leavers on the loom. It sounds complicated but something just clicks and its quite easy actually!

This photo below is what my loom looked liked before lunch today. I was working with Sian and we produced quite a bit! My favourite is the the mustard colour one I made, its called 'Triangular Granite' and it looks like mini windmills. The colours we used worked well also I thought!

After lunch we added these weaves below. We coloured the thread on the warp so we had a coloured background to work on not just a plain thread. This worked really well I thought and am pleased with the experimenting! The top weave on the photo below is a favourite of mine also, its called 'Entwinning Twirl' and it shows the coloured warp we did! It looks like we used three threads but no we didnt, the warp thread is the white, the dark blue is the weft thread we used and the turquoise is the colour we added on the warp.

I really enjoyed Weave today I learnt alot like I said before, but it felt even though I was on a loom and it may seem like you cant do much with that being stuck on one machince but it felt like there were many possiblities which I'm really excited about! I just hope this excitment carries on for the rest of the two weeks!

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