Sunday, 29 January 2012

WEAVE end of week1

I have really enjoyed weave this week, its been brilliant. Its the process I love, its like being on the sewing machince and it gets addictive and I love it, its been a really good week. I have done quite a few samples. Take a look below.

I really like the pink one I think the colours are really nice, they represent the stamp colours very well, and it looks very nice which is what the patteren on the stamp is.

The green weave I tired something new to try and have two fabrics going at the same time, which I think I have achieved, also the different green tones, represent the stamp well also.

This brown weave, I used smaller threads, so its a lot neater and almost strict. Its okay this one, it deffinately reflects the stamp. These three weaves above the pink, green and brown are me representing the colours of the stamps and the lines, the stright block lines, the thickness of that section of weave is to show the same thickness of the stamp.

I have tired something new now, instead of just doign block colour to show the stamp, I've tired to replica the stamp in the patteren, and the words. Below is a photo.

Here I have drawn the franking that is on the stamp onto the wrap of the loom. I draw it on with a black marker. I then did my weave using light blue colours to represent the stamp and this I think has worked really well, the colours the weave patteren has worked really well with the old fashioned feel of the stamp coming through. This is my favourite weave so far. The fact that you can quite clearly see its the franking of a stamp I'm really pleased with. I did this one yesterday, when I went in on Saturday to get an extra weave done.
I'm really looking forward to this week now!

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