Thursday, 1 March 2012


I know I haven't blogged in ages and we have nearly finished week 3 of a five week project but I have been really busy with this project!!
Anyway before this project started I went on a trip to new York as I said in my previous post which has inspired me for this project. Its a joint project which I'm working on with my partner in crime Kaly. We have decided to base our project on material transition looking at the words, regenerate, cut and paste, juxtapose, repair, embed, merge and metaphorph which are the words I'm looking at.
With the images I collected in NYC I have been drawing them and adding these words before to the images through my drawings! See my photos below to understand what I have been doing.

This image above shows juxtapose with the buildings and the taxi being cut and placed differently.

This drawing above is one of my favourites, with the buildings being done quite well, straight and well drawn then the dinosaur being cut up I really like this piece. It shows the cut and paste element.

I like this drawing too, it shows cut and paste and the different thickness of line I like too. 

This is two pages together, the first one is a page showing cut work with the building being cut out of the page and then the second page below this has the element of embedding with the technique of punching the paper with a needle to get the raised effect. 

These two pieces are created together with the use of cut working showing the images through one another, the layering of images on top of each other. I'm pleased with how these turned out. 

I have started to look at regenerating images and in my case drawings with found images to cut up the piece and make it new. The artist Susan Leopold does this with images makes an old buliding new by adding life to it with reflections. 

I have started to do this but with CD's which I have punched through with a screwdriver and a hammer to create a new effect. I have tired to do my own version of what Susan Leopold does with mirrors but in my case CD's to make my drawing new and regenerate it. 

Working with Kaly she is looking at mixed gender and women wearing mean clothing and men wearing womens. So I have done some designs of this including what I am looking at with the cut out aspect and the embedding of paper and CD's with holes. These I really like and I think it would be great to make something like this for our final piece. In out tutorial though we were told we are working to closing which I can see and that we should be making our own pieces not together for this project. So I am going my own way and making an item different to the mixed gender idea. But I have to bare in mind that we will have a male model for our piece, so I may make a skirt as this could work on a male model.  

Above are some hand wrappings I have done based on our mutual colour palette we have for this project. I have done them with the idea that they are quite structured as I'm looking at buildings and straight lines. I really like them because the colours complement each other really well and I'm really pleased! YAY 

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