Thursday, 15 March 2012



So I have shown you some of my samples for this project but I have done a few more nice and I'm pleased with them!

The above sample I have done by using image transfer paper and ironing it on to yellow PVC then I have used my fabric soldering iron to create the holes in the fabric. It made such a stink it was disgusting burning away the plastic. I don't really like this sample because where it was burnt it created melt brown marks on the fabric and its not very neat. But its a different way of creating the hole effect. 

This sample I have shown you before but this time I have added some couching of CD's on the side and I have also done some french knots growing on the side. The CD couching I really like in the zig-zag pattern I really like! The contrast of the silver on the yellow I think works quite well I have to say!

This one I like the image on the silver I think its a fresh and quite pretty. But I wish I hadn't done the embroidery on it as it detracts from the image transfer and it looks like I'm not that confident in the piece so I covered it with the embroidery and I wish I hadn't. 

Here I have done the couching of the CD'S on a bigger scale and in a herring bone pattern which I think works really well. However it doesnt look very neat because the CD piece's are all different sizes and it looks messy. So I then had another go but this time I cut the CD pieces so they have straight ages and they look much neater in the herring bone pattern as you can see below!

The image below is one of my favourite samples its very simple and I really like it. The image transfer of a parrot on the grey with blue French knots couldn't look better in my eyes it is incredible! 

Below is an image of the mood board I did of what has inspired me for this project, the images, some of the photos I have taken for the project from NYC and the materials I used for my sample and my garment. 

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