Thursday, 1 March 2012


So I recently have been to New York, I went with my family as we got tickets to go for Christmas. It was amazing the best trip ever, the city as a whole is incredible a brilliant experience. We saw everything, we on the Staten island ferry and saw the statue of liberty, saw the famous skyline, we went to ground zero, went up the Rockefeller centre, went to blooming dales, we saw grand central station all in three days. I have a friend in new York, hazel, who I met last year in halls so I met up with her on the last day of my three day trip it was lovely to see her. She has a student at the university FIT last year so we went in to go and see the exhibition they had on at the time 'Fashion A-Z' and it was really cool to see, they had designs of dresses by everyone, Chanel, Oscar de la Renta, Alexander McQueen, Prada and lots more, it was really intriguing to see all these designs in the same room. It inspired  me for my new fashion project. We then went and had a look around the university we weren't meant to but we snuck in it was incredible it was huge and just like a normal secondary school in England just bigger. It really made me want to go!

This trip was incredible it really was and it inspired me for my project Transition as this project is now based on this trip!

Below are photos I took of my holiday and what I am using for my project!

The best trip ever I didnt want to come back but its helped me alot with this new project!!!

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