Thursday, 1 March 2012


So I have finally started to do some fabric samples and I'm really pleased I feel I am finally getting somewhere! YAY. Below are my samples I have done so far and I will explain my thought processes about them!

Above is an image of an action man I have used in my drawings and I found the form exciting so I printed it out on image transfer paper then ironed it onto some yellow PVC. I like the placement of the figure with it being cut in half and yellow works with the darkness of the action man. I am going to do some blue embodiery on this. 
On wednesday I did a workshop with Amiee in the stitch room on hand embordiery techniques and alot of them she taught us looked like bulidings to me so I am going to do some of this on some of these pieces which I think will add another dimension to these.   

This piece is of some dinosaur feet Ive blwon up and printed on image transfer paper and ironed on to the silver PVC. The image at the bottom of this post is the one I tired on first and the newpaper when ironing the image on the PVC, got stuck to the PVC  and ripped onto the fabric. This looks okay I think and I'm embedding this with pirce holes but its not the clean effect I wanted so I did another one but with grease proof paper this time and it worked well, as you can see above. I have now added some embordiery onto this piece using yellow and blue yarns which I think work well. 

This is one of my first attempts with image transfer paper and it didnt work too well as I didnt leave the iron on the fabric long enough for the image to transfer so its bitty. I then added some chain stitch to try make the piece a bit better. Its not the best piece, but it shows the effect I'm trying to create with the PVC, the image transfer and the embordiery. 


This piece again I didnt leave the iron on for longer so its a bit bitty with the image but I think its kinda cool. I added some embedded holes around the outside on the grey PVC and I think this really works on this piece.

Above shows an image where I used the image transfer paper on a CD. The image comes across really well on the CD I'm pleased I didnt think it would work at all but it does I'm pleased! I will later punch holes into this CD to see what effect it creates. 

Above shows me punching holes into the silver PVC and this comes across really well out of all three PVC's I have bought. The shine is like my CD's yet its on a different material. I really pleased. I also did cut work on this material to show what I have been doing in my sketch book which I think has worked really well also. I'm pleased with this material as to how well its taken to being manipulated. 

These are images showing what me manipulating the CD's with a screwdriver and hammer look like, punching holes in them works really well. This is my favourite CD as the colours work with my palette also! I have done 10 CD's so far and need to punch loads more!!! wooo

This is the image I was talking about with the newpaper going onto the PVC. It looks okay but its not really what I was going for! I am now punching holes into the silver to see if this helps make it look better. Fingers crossed. 

I'm pleased so far with my fabric manipulation and sampling I still have a long way to go but I'm pleased with my progress!

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