Monday, 10 October 2011

Rough Guide- Week One

Finally back at chelsea!!!!!! A long summer off, which was good as I worked all summer as a Receptionist at Harpenden Orthodontics! Little plug for my boss and my Mum!! Met some lovely peolpe who I was really lucky to work with for about four months! But it gave me some really good skills and I feel more confident to be in London and to just really get stuck in now!!!
So first week back at chelsea, project- Rough Guide to London. I was put in GROUP B (just to remind myself) so I went off to Soho, China Town and Covent Garden. Had to draw, takes photos and just really get to know the surroundings and find anything which I felt I could base this project on.
I have missed drawing so much, I've forgotten how much I loved it! Its just a little bit of freedom you get when you put that pen to that paper! Its great!
First day of the brief I took some photos and went back to draw. I found I had created a little storyline in my photos. I found a note about a porcupine, so I was drawings porcupines, and then I had porcupine airline and trains, as they were off to newport street, and eating fruit I found at china town. I got a tad carried out! But also I found when taking photos on my phone peolpe would walk in front of you and you'd have half their face in your photo. So I  was drawing this also!
Second day of this project I went back over to Soho Sqaure where a fair or something like this, was taking place. There was a tea party, Miss London was there, army soliders where there in uniform it was really good. A band were playing also! It was great! A lovely atmosphere also! So this was great to draw! I was taking tallys of how many peolpe walked past me and were sitting on the grass with me. I did mapping of people sitting down with masking tape, which I really liked! It was a good day, very productive I thought!
Third day I went back over to Soho Sqaure, this I think is where I will base myself as there is always something going one, its never quite as peolpe are always walking past, eating, talking laughing! Again just more taking photos and drawing!
Fourth day I think I've been drawing alot of peolpe standing and taking sercet photos, that I think I will focus on drawing peolpe eating there lunch. Lots of different foods, chiense, noddles, sandwiches, salads, chips, water bottles, tea and coffee, cans! I love drawing this, its like I'm a spy its great!
Fifth day, Saturday! I have filled a little A6 book and I feel bad that its A6 as they asked for A5. So I thought I'd do another book, but this time focus it more on peolpe eating their lunch. Its more fun to have an aim. So I drew peolpe from across the court yard and loved it! I got to cold, so went over to a Cafe near by and drew peolpe in there also! This I loved!!!!
I'm really pleased with my little books and the drawings inside. If anything I think maybe I could of changed my way a bit, not all drawing, but this what I have a passion for so I went with it! Hopefully others will like it also!
Below I have put my photos I have taken along the way! And I've also taken some photos of my drawings I have done and posted them also!!!!
Enjoy! X

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