Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Pop-up space

First new proper project at chelsea and its to create a POP-UP SPACE. A question what is a pop-up space you ask me gran, well its a load of objects that interest me! Looking in charity shops and going through the loft at home, I decieded upon china objects, cups saucers, teapots, jugs, egg cups, knives. It may seem a lot of random objects, but they interest me so that doesnt matter does it!
We were asked to look at our objects and document the patteren that we see on them, in different techniques and ways. We had to do this on different sizes of paper in squares, tinie winie, and LARGE! The small ones were the best to do I thought!
Below are some pictures of my little sqaures I have done whilest looking at my objects. It was a mark making excercise which went down quite well in my point of view! I started drawing patteren from my objects, but then I also started making my own patterens, taking parts of the patteren from the object and playing with it myself. For example I have taken a little mices head from my teacups, and below you can see i've drawn it over and over again and created my own little patteren which I really like! I have also done this quite a bit on the bigger squares which you can see below in my photos!

This photo below is of a teapot and I have drawn white space around it also which I think looks bizarre but I like this effect.

So above are mark making drawings which we did in the morning. Then below are photos of silhottes which we did in the afternoon based on the objects we brought in. This I quite enjoyed but not as much as the patteren drawings. The photos are below!

These are silhoettes of my objects as you can tell, they look like teapots and candle-sticks, however some and them are just random shapes, but I quite like this. Please me a flick though the photos!

I've added drawings into some of my silhottes which works quite well I think, makes them look even more stange then they already are!

I'm really enjoying playing with these random shapes, its quite fun. I'm drawing my trinkets in front of me but then I cut them out to be black silohettes and they transform into something else easily!

COLOUR TIME! Creating a colour palette from my trinkets has been really fun, as from looking at them you'd think that they were just brown, blue and white, but actually if you look closer then you will find other colours, which I'm focusing on! The colour palettes you can see below I like them all! Which doesnt help as Ive been using colours from all of them! Ooops!!!

The photo ABOVE is of my favourite colour palette, the bottom palette is what I'm trying to focus my colour on. I love the other really bright ones, but my favourite object from my pop-up is a teacup in these colours. So I thought it made sense to use these colours!

Looking at my objects I have somehow chosen lots of small little pieces of china, mini minatures so I decided to do some mini drawings on little pieces of paper, which is like the first excercise we did last week, but I was goign to make a little minature book of them all, but they are too nice to stick together. I need to find a way of displaying them. The little drawings I relly like, there is something very cute about them. The feeling I get from my little tea cups comes across in these little drawings I think.
The photo I took was landscape, but my blog want let me rotate the photos so they are now portrait, so tilt your head to the right to see them in their full glory!!!!

I have started doing bigger drawings like the ones above, just on a bigger scale. Also I've added some silohettes also which I like!!! The photos are below!

This one I really enjoy, the colour and the patteren is imense I think!!!!

Below are drawings and silohettes I have done, but I did them before I started adding colour. I like them, but I prefer the ones with colour now I think! Mind changes all the time!!!

So this is everything I have done so far and I am really enjoying it! I start the knit workshop next week with everything I have done so far in this pop-up. That I'm looking forward to as I really like some of the pieces I have done!!! YAY!!!

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