Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Drawing day with JOHN

Last week we had a man called John come in and we had a day of using our imagination with him! I thought it was great! Really good day got you thinking in a really different way which was amazing!!!
Our first task was to draw one object from our pop-up and make it turn into another object from our collection! So I chose my cottage teapot to turn into a candle stick! It was difficult at first but then it worked out really well! It looked like the teapot was melting which I realy liked. Unforunately I didnt take a photo of it! Silly me!!!
Our next task was to take an object and create another purpose for it. An example he gave us was a fork had been turned into a bath plug, with some black rubber to of course stop the both water leaving the bath tub! I couldnt think of an idea, so I created a little storyline using the little mice on my teacup. I created a sports day for the mice. They had different sports created out of the trinkets on my desk. I created 'The Pot Push' which is a pot filled with sand and the mice have to push it as far as they can in 30 seconds. Then there was 'The Mouse Stand', I used the cake stand as a platform for the mice to see whats going on in the sports day!!!! See the picture below!!!

The next task was to document how one of the objects in front of us was made. In anyway draw how the object was made. Again I went to the cottage teapot! Love it!!! I decided to draw whether the teapot is actually a teapot for tea, or is it a cottage? I drew the components of both parts on the page, then had a judging panel who had to decided. Also I had a little voting box if anyone wanted to vote what they thought best suited!!!! Yasmin said she thought it was cottage/house! Thats what I thought also!!!!

All in all I really enjoyed last thrusday I thought it was imense!!!! Just so good to use my imagination in that way!!! AMAZING!!!!!!

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