Tuesday, 24 April 2012


For this project I want to create my own secret world, a magical garden, fantasitcal garden. So I went for a walk with my dog in the woods to get some inspiration. Just to see what they have to offer and these are the photos I have taken.

This photo I think looks like a little cave, like a little creature could get into the the holes and that a village could live under the tree trunk. I really like this idea. 



The sun came out at this very moment and made the wood look lovely. 

My dog maisie, she came along for the ride and decided to roll in FOX all under her ear so i had to wash her in the rain when I got home and I couldnt even get the hose pipe on her due to the ban!!!!

I love the colour of this lycen, its incredible!

Horses at the end of our walk. 

I love horses! 

A very nice walk, and I got some good pictures for this project I think this helped! Thank-you gustard wood!

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