Thursday, 19 April 2012


Yesterday was the day of our fashion show at last, it was what we had been leading up too for a long time. Painting shoes, buying tights, pants and organising everyone all came down to yesterday. We were using our friend Rhiannon Chalmers as our model and she looked amazing! She wasn't arriving till the afternoon due to uni work which was fine, so we watched everyone panicking in the morning getting ready and we were just swanning around. We were number 18 in the order for the show. Rhiannon arrived at 3.15 just seconds before the dress rehearsal, so we got her dress and then we went to go and watch the dress rehearsal and it was brilliant. Watching all the work that we have all put into the outfits finally all come together was brilliant! Really fantastic a great show!

Just a few rubbish little photos I have taken of the rehearsal show yesterday, the lights were so bright I couldn't take very good photos but they are better then nothings. I have taken a video but it want upload onto my blog for some reason oh well!

After the rehersal we went over to the studio and got Rhiannon's hair and make-up done. We were part of the warm look for make-up for the show. Orange lips and shiny face. Then the hair we had done in an up-do, it was really cool!!!

Rhiannon after having her make-up done!

Having her hair done! The hair team was incredible, the man on the left was amazing at hair styling!

Nearly finished having hair done!!!

6o'clock came and we went over to the green room to get Rhiannon dressed and ready for the show.
It was a great show Rhiannon did us proud, she portrayed our concept perfectly and it was incredible I was so so happy with the outcome brilliant. It was incredible just a brilliant show I just cant explain how pleased I was!! YAY!!!!!

A few minutes before the catwalk!

Lining up!

Doesnt she look so cute! 

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