Tuesday, 24 April 2012


New project which has the title GARDEN/PLOT so I am looking in this area kinda of for my project. I didn't know where to start this project so I went and got myself a 'Country File' magazine and I started by drawing images from the magazine. I knew from the start that I wanted to try and create a story, a little world almost, a magical secret garden, with creates, animals in a little garden, forest idea maybe. So I started drawing a little story emerged.


This is setting the scene, the Swan is the bodyguard he is swimming on the lake and the forest is in the background and near by is the castle.   

Meet the receptionists and the practice manager, and the green land is showing the village from a birds-eye view. 

The newts are the electricians and they sort out all the knots in the pond weed. 

The thatched house which is where the scenes tend to be based like in a sitcom.  

The frog, who thinks he is so ugly so instead of waiting for his princess to turn him into a prince he goes and has ....


Mary the loud mouth next door neighbour owns B&B  and she keeps frightening away her customers. 

Steve the heron who is an old war hero, and has a damaged wing so is quite grumpy. The image at the bottom is his ex-wife. 

The quadruplet moorhens 

The water-scropian who makes guest appearances and he is blind and comes along to cheer up the moorhens. 

The damselfly who got squished by the pond dippers so his cousin the catfish comes to give the arbitrary as hes not very well known in the village the damselfly. 

The catfish giving the arbitrary. 

The pond dippers who killed the daselfly, but they are forgiven as they are only young. 

The catapilla who gets done for trespassing as he comes into the village and eats the leaves. 

The baddies who are wasps. 

The found in a copy of bloom magazine, clothes that have been made for plants, which is really cute so I gave my spring onions hats. 

Pea pods. 

My wise owl. 

Thatched house. 



Mummy bird feeding her single child. 

A tit waiting for her date to turn up. 

Hes arrived! 

These are the clothes made for the plants, a jacket. 



How cute are they, they are lush I thought. 

So this is the start I have made on my project I think its quite good I'm very pleased so far, wooooooop. 

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