Thursday, 2 February 2012


Today in weave I did one little weave based on a rusty yellow stamp. I was quite pleased with it the colours I used and the materials I chose I was pleased it!
I had a little tutorial as well today about my off the loom weaves and she liked my pieces. She said I should maybe try some paper weaves with my blown up stamp print outs. I have tried this this evening and it's worked quite well. Tomorrow I think I might weave on the loom with my leftover paper strips. Also she said I should do a weave incorporating all the colours I've used in my weaves the past two weeks. I'm not sure about this, as I did seperate colour weaves on purpose to create the look of the stamps themsleves, not a mixture of two or three as that want look like a final stamp, I hope you understand this thought process.

I like this weave above, the colours are good. Its a shame that you cant really see the drawing I did of a franking stamp on the warp before I weaved but it didnt help that it was a black and white threaded up loom.


So I went in early yesterday and got a white loom, and did a weave with the leftover paper strips, which experimentation, and I think it looks quite cool actually. The strips were different thicknesses and this has worked so I'm pleased. See the photos below.

I then did a weave including all the different colours from the previous weaves I have done, it looks okay, but its kinda a mess of all different colours, and like I was worried of it happening it doesnt look like a stamp, just random colours put together, but at least I tired it!

Exciting we take the weaves off the loom today, so get to see what they actually look like as pieces of fabric today wooo!!!

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