Sunday, 5 February 2012

Reflective Statment for Blog

I’ve got the hang of blogging and I now enjoy it, apart from when my blog decides to break down on me, its a brilliant way to talk about what I’m doing. It’s embracing the 21st Century sketch book of talking about your research, like my Stamp project I was showing what I was drawing and looking into, rather then doing that in a book, many people can see what your up to if they want. I have grown in terms of being stretched in this unit, it may sound strange but I talk as if I’m talking to someone in front of me on my blog, its just a normal way of expressing myself, whether I’m talking about an Exhibition like the Grayson Perry or a weave I did that day and wanted to show I was proud of myself. My little blog has four followers and they don’t read it probably, but I like to think I’m entertaining almost through my blog, I like to make people smile and I like to think I’m doing so whilst writing what I feel about a current Lecture we had, especially the current one on Branding. I have blogged about everything as I go during the blocks, and if it really interests me I’d blog that day about what happened, its like sending a text if something exciting has happened! I tired really hard to change my background on my blog to make it more me, I finally managed it, I’ve got my rabbit drawings as my homepage. A blog I follow ‘It’s a Ldn Thing’ is very informal but talks about current issues in and around fashion and I feel maybe my blog should be more like this, more to the point rather then rambling? I’m proud of my little blog, its got a long way to go but for now I’m happy talking about my work and my ideas on things around me. 

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