Sunday, 5 February 2012


I picked up a leaflet for both the V&A and The Royal Academy of Arts on Friday and founf two artists that link to my work.
Jennifer Collier makes items of clothing which cant be worn out of paper, pages from story books, maps, music paper and envolopes with stamps on. The ones with the stamps on link in with my project focusing on stamps. Before christmas I did some paper making work using images taken from the stamps and made them into kind of little stamps. But Jennifers work is very delicate, shes made some shoes from the stamps and envolpes which remind me of my delicate little paper models.

These stamp dresses relate to my weaves as I was focusing on the colours of the stamps in my weaves and these dresses do that as well. Also the top dress has alot of franking marks on it which I was adding to my weaves by drawing on the warps of the looms.

Chris Orr's work relates to my prints with the use of linear drawing I focused on in the print rotation. The use of the images being close together and placed particulary on the page is what I have been doing with my drawings as well. This one below I like the use of colour and the linear drawings, the use of colour is like my prints I did, maybe I should have put some black linear marks on my prints that would have looked quite nice actually, break up the colour with some linear lines. I should have done that, oh well too late now.

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